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Hello, this is SEEKCHIC!
The new post for today is a exhibition : 
I have fallen in love with this exhibition. The exhibition was so impressed me.


I was surprised that they so much cared about every single detail.
I was caught from the entrance to the exhibition, video and music.

It's beautiful ... ! 

Chanel's fragrance is one of my favorite fragrance.
I'm using the latest version of No.5. 

There are various versions of fragrances, but the fragrance in the picture is what I have.
It has a strong flavor, so I'm a bit burdensome to use as a daily. I like to use it on a special day.
It is a strong fragrance, but I like it personally. It's really attractive.

It is a separate space designed to take care of fragrances.
As soon as I entered, I was so happy to swing in No.5 incense.

I want these..... !!!! 

Chanel's friends

There is a shiny floor at the exit.
It was an exhibition that was so impressed and varied, with eyes and ears. Chanel's Mademoiselle.
Chanel .. I love you

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